Social Media Marketing

The process of utilizing various social media marketing networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. in order to reach a larger audience is called social media marketing. In SMM the focus is on reaching larger number of users on these social media networks to spread marketing messages. We at Ranking Soar have the requisite skill, knowledge and expertise to market your products on social media, build brand loyalty for you and generate heavy traffic to your website leading to sales.

What social media can do for you?

Searching behaviour has changed, so does the ranking of websites. Visitors are available in crowds over social media. Facebook has over billion active monthly users. Businesses are moving very rapidly over social media to find new customers. Millions of potential customers use social media sites for one reason or the other. Thereby, these social media networks hold potential opportunities for businesses to reach out to their target audience through social media marketing.

Significance of social media for you

  • Social media is constantly growing as people are looking for new ways to communicate with others.
  • The social media is an evolving phenomenon. It is constantly expanding providing new advertising and monetization opportunities for online businesses in reaching out to new customers.
  • Social media with millions of users also provide unique opportunities for branding and marketing your business and at the same time users can take advantage of giving them the opportunity to buy/sell product or consume information. This means greater visibility for your business in social media and web.

Social Media has potential to do wonders for your business. Social Media Marketing guarantees you heavy traffic on your site that generates sales. Heavy traffic to your website comes from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, etc. In online marketing, which business would not like to reach and get connected to billion plus Facebook users? To increase your website traffic and generate leads and sales you must opt for our social media marketing service. It is more than just sharing links and content over such platforms. It is partly science and partly art at display. Indiscriminate link sharing could be counterproductive. We direct links to your relevant social audience by sharing them on respective social media and forums. Ranking Soar provides social media marketing services at affordable price.

Social Media Marketing Services

The visitors on social media are impatient folks seeking right information just a click away without trolling. To fill the appetite of such impatient visitors we provide links and content to guide them to your businesses. Thereby, we generate heavy traffic to your website from social media and engage them in purchasing your product/service. The purpose of online businesses has primarily changed from not only improving ranks but driving sales through social media marketing with content being the magic bullets that will be directly received and highly accepted by the visitors. These magic bullets lead to sales.

Creating and managing accounts on various social media networks: Our social media marketing services primarily focus on creating and maintaining accounts of your business on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Through branding techniques we strengthen your recognition across these networks and push information efficiently and effectively through each of these networks’ propagation system. We provide contact details and an interactive form so that we can analyse your potential customers and direct them to you.

Blogging: We create blogs and forums for your business and continuously update them with your latest services/products. A blog provides your business with valuable targeted keywords, branding initiatives, and a very useful forum of communication to users. We also provide video blogging or video marketing services.

Articles and Press Releases: Our content writing team will write press releases and articles for you and publish them in high PR domains and free Internet Search Engines keeping in mind your specific keywords. This way the incoming links generated in the content will organically link back to your strategic pages on your website to make sure that new links are being generated weekly. Press releases and articles published are propagated to numerous channels for maximum visibility.

Building Brand loyalty for you: Through online forums and communities we create persuasive content to build loyal customer base for your brand.

Other services

We also provide directory submission services, monthly reports regarding your social media marketing initiatives

Social Media Marketing Packages

  • Facebook Management
  • Twitter Management
  • Google+ Management
  • LinkedIn Management
  • Blogging Plan
  • Video Blogging Plan