Reputation Management Services

Reputation management is the process of regulating what shows up when someone searches you on Google or Yahoo pushing the positive or neutral views upwards and hiding or pushing down the negative views or comments in Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) that guides the judgment of buyers, employees, clients and collaborators about you. It is more than what Public Relation (PR) department performs for the offline business.

At Ranking Soar, we hear you out, understand your constraints, and then design a relevant digital marketing strategy to target your goals. We provide a specialized service of reputation management. It is more than Public Relation function of an offline business. We conduct researches, understand your products/services and design the persuasive messages to create a soft image of you company and products/services in public. We run reputation campaigns in different media to help you building your reputation.

Do you need Reputation Management?

Reputation management is indispensable for successful business. In offline businesses this function is performed by Public Relation (PR) department of a company. It is said that PR creates the face of the company and with that face it sells its products/services. For online business the formula holds true too. Online businesses have to take care of their faces to market their packages. A positive image/opinion regarding a company in visitors means more and successful business. It helps in creating such a brand that is non-fadable and that never dies with age.

To excel and outperform your competitors your reputation management is the best tool to suppress negative content about your company in general and your products in particular. Today users search everything first on Google before they shop online or even offline. Controlling the search results favourable for your reputation and brand building is what you need the most.

Today the consumers have many tools to drag you to the Consumer Courts or file law suits against you. In order to prevent your business from being dragged into law courts that damages your reputation you must invest on reputation management.

SEO and Reputation Management – Are they same?

Reputation management is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and uses many of its techniques. However, both have different goals. Reputation management has the primary goal to promote positive or neutral content about your business rather than just generating more traffic with relation to your specific keywords. It pushes negative results down in search results, so that they are seen by lesser people when searching for your business or services.

How Reputation Management works?

Reputation Management is a circular process that starts from planning to execution and from execution to further planning. It involves following:

  • Promotion of existing positive content
  • Removal or suppression of negative content in search engine search results
  • Creation of favourable new content
  • Creation and management of social media profiles
  • Active involvement in the social web sphere (blogs, communities, forums, social media networks)
  • Responding to negative reviews and neutralizing their effects
  • Defence against libel, defamation, and smear campaigns run by competitors

Reputation Management Services

Brand Building Management: We design a broad and inclusive digital marketing strategy to build your brand’s reputation online. We have highly trained professionals, experts and technocrats in SEO and social media optimization (SMO) that cares for your reputation to enable you to continue grow with confidence.

Corporate Reputation Management: A single disgruntled customer’s online reaction can rally metaphorical mob that can decimate your corporate reputation. There will be questions from media, investors, shareholders, Board of Directors and public that you have to answer which is difficult for you. During such tough situations reputation management services is the ideal defence. Its aim is to remove or suppress the negative content in any form like comments, corporate reviews and opinions that affect your brand’s image. At the same time it promotes the already existing positive content and creates new positive or neutral content in the form of replying to comments, posting to social media, forums and communities, to ensure that your corporate image is held in high esteem by people when they search for your brand or business online.

Celebrities Reputation Management: The celebrities are very sensitive to malicious rumors as they have a direct bearing on their reputation and business. Hence reputation management is indispensable for celebrities. Even in the age when every one Googles before making his/her judgement about a celebrity building and managing reputation of celebrities over Internet has become very crucial and unavoidable.

Start Ups Reputation Management: It is very crucial for Start Ups to build their reputation in market and compete with the already existing companies and corporates in the same business. Their reputation is very important in the sense of obtaining financers, marketing their products/services and creating loyal customer base.